Have you thought about different people out there in the world and has there ever been a time when you thought about looking into who they are and what they do?


Jim Larkin was one of the most bravest person that was out there in the world. This is something that most people underestimate. Jim worked hard and fought for things to be right. He even came to the united states even though he knew that there was going to be action taken against him. This is something that he didn’t care about and wanted to do to make a point to the government. There was something about this country that was wrong. He worked many different jobs when he was growing up which is something that he did in order to help care for the family which means that he had little education. This was when he noticed that the workers out there were being treated differently which made him want to do something about it.


This was when he joined the National Union of Dock Laborious in 1905. He worked hard to form General workers union which is something that he took pride in. This was also when he worked to help those that wanted to do a walkout which is something that makes history. There was a demand for change and this is something that he understood which is something that he wanted to do to help those people get treated better. These employees went on strike for nearly eight months which helped them get the demands that they wanted. He also worked hard to help those that wanted to do anti war demonstrations before world war one. This is something that changed the world forever. This is an example of just the way that people work and how hard works gets a person somewhere in his or her life no matter what the circumstances are. Working hard and with passion is something that more people need to take part in no matter what you are working hard for. Everything matters when your working hard.