Nick Vertucci is one of the prominent real estate investors today. He is a brilliant person who has done a great job in ensuring that there are sufficient opportunities in real estate for everyone. Nick Vertucci has authored a real estate investment book that will help the people learn about success in the business sector, the book he has written is not only addressed to the real estate investors but anyone who would like to become rich. It is a book on the foundation blocks of success as he has experienced in his life. As someone who has learned and failed so many times, yet he has come out as one of the successful investors, Nick Vertucci is the right person to show others the direction involved in becoming rich. He has seen what needs to be done and he is willing to share this information with the people

Nick Vertucci’s new work is available on Amazon entitled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed.” It is a book that outlines the things that need to be done to become successful. He draws the lessons from his own experiences. He looks at the challenges he has faced when trying to become successful and how he overcame them. In this book, it is all about a storytelling experience that has vital lessons on how to be successful. Although he failed many times, he kept on fighting back until he succeeded. He talks about the building blocks of successful investors not only in the real estate industry but everywhere else.

Nick Vertucci failed terribly in his first business. He had set up a computer accessories business that had made him a millionaire but in one crash in the market, he had lost everything, and he was back to the bottom. Nick Vertucci, however, worked hard and overcame the challenges that hindered his growth.