The Mississippi Institute of Art and Letters (MIAL) has made Robert Ivy, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) a recipient of the prestigious award called the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is granted in appreciation of Mississipi artists who, during a lifetime, have demonstrated, presented, and/or advanced art through their body of work. Others who have received this honor include actor Morgan Freeman (2007), author William R. Ferris (2010), and composer Samuel Jones (2017). See Related Articles at

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects, also known as AIA. The AIA is a powerful network offering education and public outreach supporting the architecture profession for architects and design professionals.

Robert Ivy has been leading the AIA since 2011 in its transformation to serving the changing structure of the architecture profession in the twenty-first century. He is accomplishing it by streamlining AIA governance and starting a successful public awareness campaign.

According to writer Will Speros, MIAL President Nancy LaForge praised Ivy for making architecture more attainable to the public. She also stated that Ivy has taken “his rightful place in an acclaimed list of Noel Polk Award honorees.” also mentioned that AIA President Carle Elefante had good things to say about Ivy as well. Elefante congratulated Ivy, expressing what an honor the award is for his personal and professional career.

Mississippi-born Robert Ivy obtained his Masters in Architecture from Tulane University after he completed his Bachelors of Arts in English at Sewanee: The University of the South. He also served in the US Navy before becoming an architect.

After graduating he began working for the magazine Architectural Records as Editor-in-Chief in 1996. The magazine continued to flourish under his leadership. Thereafter, he became the Vice President and Editorial Director of McGraw-Hill Construction Media until his current position in the AIA.

Robert Ivy has been leading the AIA since 2011 where he has made the study of architecture more accessible on a worldwide scale. He has built a digital-first technology infrastructure and currently working on preparing architects to address global issues like climate change and sustainability.