Igor Cornelsen was born in Coritiba Brazil in 1947. He is one of the most popular bankers, investor, and investment advisors in Brazil. He pursued a degree in engineering from the Federal University of Parana but left after two years to pursue economics in the same institution. Igor had unmatched skills in calculation skills and rates which enabled him to top his class. Upon graduation, Mr. Igor began his investment banking journey in 1970, working at an investment bank in Brazil.

Throughout his entire career, Igor Cornelsen was continuously proving his exceptional skills and the great talent he has in investment banking. By 1976, Igor had already scaled up to the CEO rank of Multibanco Company which he had joined two years earlier as a board of director’s member. Later he accepted an offer to work at Unibank at 1985, Libra Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank for seven years. Moving from one banking institution to another, he gained a lot of experience as well as increasing his opportunities for growth.

Igor Cornelsen has a lot of experience after working for many intuitions. He opened his own company where he still works as an investment manager. The company has experienced tremendous growth which can be attributed to his knowledge in the market as well as focus and commitment to his work. According to him, following the latest trends market and listening to his friends has added a lot of value to his growth. Besides, innovativeness is also a key to the growth of a company. This is the art of converting a basic idea into a trend that can fit the current marketplace before anyone else. Out of passion and commitment that Igor has in the investment sector, he will achieve greater success as well as bring tremendous growth and revolution to the investment sector.