Did you know that the Portland Trail Blazers use Neurocore before their games? They go into a room that they call “the brain room”. Dr. Tim Royer calls this “being in the zone”. In other words, it’s mentally preparing for what lies ahead, and envisioning the game before playing the game. It’s incredible what this training is doing for professional athletes. Visit Patch.com to know more about Neurocore.

The training from Neurocore isn’t just about the game, it’s also about optimizing their entire experience throughout the day. This includes not only physical recovery after a game, but this is also about getting the brain to signal the body to work hard when it’s needed, and then get ready for sleep when it’s time to do so. Why do they need it so much?

The Portland Trail Blazers may have 82 games scheduled, nearly daily, and it wreaks havoc on their body, and their natural sleep schedule. Frequencies are utilized to help the players experience what they need before games as well as after games, and while traveling. They need frequencies that are 12 and below in order to give the brain a rest. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Dr. Tim Royer has created a program that includes using a DVD, programmed along with the player’s needs. When a player is using his brain too much and thinking about things, the DVD will automatically stop. If the player is at a resting state, the DVD will play. It’s an incredible system, and it’s helping the players and their coaches realize exactly what these players need and how they can better recover.

The key for these players is to recognize that they are not only skilled in their sport, but they are also strong individuals with an ability to focus, and they need to know it’s okay to rest. Being on the road and playing so many games, makes it a challenge.

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