ATS Digital Services is a perfect illustration of how good policies and good leadership can influence a company especially in the digital space. The success story of this company is, however incomplete without mentioning the founder, Robert Deignan. For many professionals in the world of digital space, the Purdue University graduate has been of great help in their growth and optimizing what they can do with technology.

One of the significant areas that Robert Deignan is passionate about is how people in the digital world interacts with technology and how one can still be productive. Deignan is one of the few digital believers that believes that one can always use technology without compromising on productivity. On this particular issue, Robert Deignan points out that the consumer needs to have a structured approach to handling challenges that come with technology and most importantly in regard to productivity. First, he advocates for consumers to have full control over how they interact with technology and advancements. Having control eliminates any chances of addictions and dependency on any particular advancements.

Robert Deignan also points out that understanding that technology is primarily designed to be addictive is a safe place to start while handling technology. For an instant, he refers to the -economy of attention, which is a clear indication of the primary purpose of technology. To him, understanding this factor makes a consumer plan when to use a particular technology and the extent of using it. This understanding according to him sets a productive technology user apart from other users.

Through his company, ATS Digital Services, he has not only assisted thousands of technology users in optimizing what they have but also providing solutions. One of the significant areas where Robert Deignan is actively involved includes network challenges and slow devices. With these two major operational areas, he has assisted people around different geographical regions. It is also interesting to note that the company is one of the few entities with a high number of certifications from major companies. Robert Deignan points out that the reason why the company has been consistent in growth is mainly due to the structure and the work philosophy.