When it comes to the dating market, most people are aware of the biggest dating platforms, such as Tinder, Match, and Bumble. Bumble was actually started up by a former Tinder employee, Whitney Wolfe, who worked at the former company until she ended up dealing with a harassment case. Becuase of this, not only did Whitney Wolfe leave the company, but she decided to start off her own company in the dating market. This company came to be known as Bumble and was started up back in 2014.

Bumble became one of the quickest growing dating platforms on the market behind Tinder. This was because of Bumble many various new innovations to the way the dating app worked compared to most other apps as well as Whitney’s prior experience working behind a dating app. Today, Bumble is worth more than a billion dollars thanks to the success it has had in just four years, gaining millions of members in that short period of time. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at Wikipedia

Unlike other dating platforms on the market today, Bumble is one of the only ones that give strict control to specific users. In this case, women are given the ability to contact men at any time they want to start up a conversation, but the reverse is not true. Men cannot contact women without being contacted first. Whitney Wolfe did this because she wanted to make a safe space for women to interact and try out the dating field without fear of being harassed or stalked.

On top of being a dating platform, Bumble also has sister applications that focus on other relationships for individuals to build, including friendships and professional relationships. There is much more to come for Bumble as it continues to innovate in a heavily saturated market today. Whitney Wolfe is on a campaign through her dating platform as well as her own efforts to empower women all over the world.

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