After Hurricane Harvey, the government contracted with a small Alabama-based company to manufacture and deliver some much-needed FEMA-manufactured homes. This was Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC, which was found by Barbara and Scott Stokes in 2008. When they got the contract, they immediately began putting all of their designing, manufacturing, and engineering skills into the massive project. Helping build homes during times of natural disaster is the company’s specialty. Read this article at

They customized their work for the specific needs of the area hit by the disaster. All of its houses feature fire suppression systems and access ramps. The Stokes have in the past worked with the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security, and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency on various natural disaster-related projects. Barbara Stokes also has past experience working with governmental agencies while working with Boeing and Pisces Corps. It was during this time that she mastered forming contracts with the government.


Barbara continues to lead GSH. And she is more interested in what she does than just making money. She is also a dedicated wife and mother. As busy a businesswoman that she is, she is fully committed to making time to be a parent active in her children’s lives. And as a family-centric businesswoman, she is extremely interested in doing what she can to help families in need. Her business really got going after being awarded the Hurricane Harvey contract. While GHS started by specializing solely in making single-family homes, it has since spawned into many other directions.

Today, GHS is also equipped to help the Sewage Plant, Construction, Gravel Mining, water supply and irrigation, wood container and pallet, highway and street, and many other industries. But they remain most committed to helping families that need homes in times of crisis. Read more about Barbara Stokes at