Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to ignore the email at this digital age. It has grown to become part of our daily communication channels, especially for official use. Irrespective of what you are doing or where you are, your email will always be begging for your attention. However, checking out your emails can be pretty frustrating at times thanks to the numerous accompanying unsolicited emails. Well, this no longer needs to be the case, thanks to the ingenuity of one Jojo Hedaya; a 24 year old entrepreneur.

Jojo Hedaya is the CEO and co-founder of Unroll Me, a revolutionary email subscription management service. He has always been driven by the passion to simplify operations, especially in the digital world. He is personally a victim of the frustration that comes with dealing with junk mail.

Jojo Hedaya notes that his startup was derived from the frustration he had to go through while trying to communicate with his friend and co-founder Josh Rosenwald. Despite sending him several emails, he could not respond. Little did he know that Josh was going through hard time trying to sample trough the hundreds of emails in his mailbox.

Hedaya is a believer in hard work and is never distracted in his quest to accomplish his mission. Currently, Hedaya says his biggest competitor to his startup is Gmail. This is especially after Gmail introduced a new promotions tab and the fact that it has an individual unsubscribe button for each email. Together with his team, they are constantly working on new ideas to ensure that they stayed ahead of the competition.

Hedaya intimates that they are looking into other creative way to improve the email inbox. This includes a proposal to create a notification center where all the important emails can be easily located. Hedaya is proud of having contributed to helping millions of his clients reduce email overload. Despite having not completed college, his creativity has helped him stay ahead of the pack. He, however, advises those in school to consider education as the key to their success. Hedaya hopes to make people’s lives simpler even in other aspects of the digital world.